Provisionary Program

The IHLC2020 program will be covered in 12 sessions which will consist of a series of invited technical presentations, conversations, including plenary sessions and side events, Exhibitions, Poster display and Technical tours and excursion with sufficient time set aside for presentations from participants on their relevant activities. Keynote addresses would be presented by selected government officials, space agencies, companies, Senators, Parliamentarians, Mayors, agencies, Diplomats, Astronauts/Cosmonauts, and academicians. Some sessions may be supplemented by demonstrations of relevant software and hardware tools with breakthrough technology. 

The co-sponsors, supporters and funding bodies including interested companies, institutions and space agencies will organize an attractive side event, poster display throughout the conference periods and a grand Exhibition programme. The detailed programme of the First International High Level Conference will be made available to delegates/participants by email and or updated through our website at