an Introduction to IHLC2020

The lives of people are impacted by accomplishment in Space. Africa has begun the process of integrating its economies with the hope of creating the necessary environment for a major investment in science and technology for space exploration, exploitation and research programs for sustainable growth.

In June, 2018, UNISPACE+50 events toward Space 2030 for Africa Agenda 2063 has opened the window of opportunities in which the Space Options for Africa have come into play in Bringing Everyone to Africa and taking Africa to Space with the First International High Level Conference and Exhibition IHLC2020 to be held at the United Nations Conference Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on the 25-26, February, 2020, marking the 200th anniversary of Africa Space Program from 1820-20200. The PHLC2020 conference and Exhibition help to unlock the myth and mystery of space for Africa.

It will create an enabling environment for space maturity as a game changer from competition to cooperation in line with the International Space Station initiative being an extraordinary example of the latter. It will foster a new realm of human activities towards the development of a space faring world for sustainable growth and for peaceful purposes. The IHLC2020 on the Space Options for Africa is a ground breaking event of the 21st century in expanding the frontiers of space.

This conference provide a unique opportunity and platform  for international partnership with Africa states, non space faring nations and the commercial sectors including all space pioneers and new actors in space to be in one roof for the first time in the continent at the United Nations Conference Center in Addis Ababa, The Political Capital of Africa, for Our One World, One Planet, One Universe, One Cosmos in the One-One Concept and theory of Academician Tomukum LionSat-1 of the International Academy of Astronautics. 

The Conference theme 

It Provides Five Frontiers to these new realms of human activities in envisaged for space 2030 toward 2063 after UNISPACE+50.

The Space Options for Africa, 

There are hundreds of thousands of space Options and Applications that have not been created, utilize nor tested in Africa. Emerging nations are key when it comes to utility fields with the creation of the culture of information sharing, innovation, social businesses, and job creation in the ICT sector from where it easily spread to many sector in Africa Front-end-developers are new to Africa so do many space applications.

Since 1820-2020, Africa has been very ambitious in space and that is what has propels them to go beyond the unusual in seeking for adequate space tools to enhance and enable them to emerge from its slumber with a greater momentum for a greater opportunity and accessibility towards an inclusive space policy for Africa development that will leverage and improve the socio-economic states of the continent. Satellites have long been launched several decades into the galaxies and Africa has waited till this date for better options for space for Africa.

The Africa we want stands tall as the blueprint and master plan for transforming Africa into the global powerhouse and market place for the future on our Space Options for Africa that shall be presented, debated, discussed to find lasting solutions for Africa Space program at our First International High Level Conference and Exhibition in February, 25-26, 2020.

The conference will bring together over 1000 space pioneers and actors with endless opportunities for both space faring and non space counties in a unique place Addis Ababa, which can speak for Africa as it is host to the African Union Head Quarters and many international organizations Knowledge Sharing, The knowledge sharing frontiers deals with capacity building, discovering, exploration, research and understanding natural phenomena in space and observe from space and into cosmos involving interstellar and interplanetary.

Technology development offers another space option for an Africa inclusion policy that contributes to the SDGs and 2020 targets as the global world driven by space and data power has made oil and petrol power weak in the global market. Technology will develop Africans talents in space engineering towards innovative capacities in space science and technologies.

Policies renormalization in space demands of such pursuits as human landing in the moon as well as incorporating big data and data analytics to find some of the best solutions and Options for Africa.

The Official Language shall be English